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Prose and Procrastination

Helen Newcastle wanted a promotion, not romance. Given the chance to leap from publicist to editor comes with a catch, she needs to convince adventure-author, Lamont Grant, to finish his next book. Content with his past success, adventures today are Lamont’s only priority. When on tour together to promote his past books, Helen must interest Lamont in writing again, while managing her growing interest in him.

Stopping in Denver, Omaha, Nashville and Pittsburg, this city hopping romance takes both characters and readers on a unforgettable journey. Prose and Procrastination sets the ambitions of work and heart against one another, asking what is happily ever after?

Reason and Romance

A serious author, George Austen believes romance is a worthless genre, until he’s challenged to write one of his own by a rival author. Reason and Romance follows George along his way as he faces the questions of what love means and the people it’s meant to be shared with. Enjoy wit, humor, and discover the true meaning of romance. Join George as he is challenged with the question, “Is romance more than just a genre?” 

Reason and Romance is for anyone looking for a romance novel that transcends the stereotypical title. George’s pursuit to outdo his rival brings a refreshing take to the very genre George thinks is worthless. This contemporary tale finds a way to weave love, determination, and wittiness into one great package, promising you an experience that will feel new and special. 

Terrance’s debut novel was published on May 3rd. 2022 and is available wherever books are sold.

Suit Up! With Terrance Layhew

Featuring interviews and insights designed to prepare the heroic self for the challenges of life. This is the Podcast of heroes.

Intellectual Agrarian Podcast

Intellectual Agrarian Podcast

Farmers are artists and entrepreneurs who feed civilization. The aim of the Intellectual Agrarian Podcast is to speak with them, and help tell the story of modern agrarian.

Join Terrance in over 100 episodes and celebrate the ideas and philosophies that come from the farm.

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