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With The Best Books of 2023 and Scott Hebert

The final episode of 2023, join the boys in their conversation about the best books of 2023 from their annual reading. Check out Scott’s website and livestreams! Check out Starlite Review #3

Top Ten Episodes of 2023

We ran the numbers, here’s the Top Ten Podcast episodes of 2023 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1

With John C. Bruening and The Midnight Guardian

Suit Up! With John C. Bruening author of The Midnight Guardian series and co-editor of Flinch! Books. Today we’ll be talking about golden age heroes, indi publishing, writing pulp for the 21st century, and much more! Follow John!

With Eric P. Bishop and Ransomed Daughter

Suit Up! With Eric P. Bishop, author of Ransomed Daughter and The Body Man. Today we’re talking about starting his own publishing business, book marketing, novellas and much more! Follow Eric

With Steven Hartov and The Last of the Seven

Suit Up! With Steven Hartov, author and adventurer. We’ll be talking about the craft of historical fiction, Hemingway, his latest book, The Last of the Seven, and more! Follow Steven

With The Mummy (1999) and Scott Hebert

Join the boys as they discuss The Mummy (1999). Is it the best of the post-Indiana Jones adventure films? Topics include: Daring adventurers, sexy librarians, and the curse of exposition. Follow Scott

With Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood and Brian Townsley from Starlite Pulp

Suit Up! With Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood. We talk Tarantino’s love letter for old Hollywood with Brian Townsley from Starlite Pulp. Our conversation ranges from the film, westerns, movie posters, the shelf life of actors and question the nature of pulp itself. A broad conversation about a specific film and the joy of cinematic […]

With Jerome Preisler and Net Force

Suit Up! With Jerome Preisler, author of Net Force: Moving Target among many others. Today we talk about writing tie in novels, narrative non-fiction, rebooting Tom Clancy’s Net Force in the digital age and more! Follow Jerome

With Tony O’Neill

Suit Up! With Tony O’Neill, author of Down and Out on Murder Mile, Digging the Vein, Sick City and Black Neon. We talk about his background in music, how he fell into writing, creative obsession and more. Enjoy the interview! Follow Tony’s work

With High Time to Kill and Blake Powers

Suit Up! With High Time to Kill, the third Raymond Benson written James Bond continuation novel. We are joined to discuss the start of the Union Trilogy by Blake Powers (Bond Life Chicago). We talk Global James Bond Day, the Benson Bond novels, and High Time to Kill. Join the giveaway for a 00T Mug! […]