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With Temple of Doom and Roland Hulme

Suit Up! With Temple of Doom, the best prequel ever made. Joining the show is Roland Hulme to share his thoughts and memories of Temple of Doom, and what he’s hoping for from Dial of Destiny. Support the show and get your own Suit Up! Mug Follow Roland!

With Casablanca and Roland Hulme | Road to Indy 5

On the road to Indiana Jones 5, we’re covering the influences to the Indiana Jones franchise. To start this series, we’re going for the big one. Casablanca (1943) is one of the all time greats, and we are joined to discuss it with Roland Hulme, romance author, Bond-fan and all around great guy. Follow Roland […]

With the Great Gatsby and Roland Hulme

He’s coming back on the show to breakdown and discuss The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Together we analyze the themes, characters, and writing style of one of the most enduring books of the 20th century. Connect with Roland

With Roland Hulme and High Point

Today on the Podcast we are joined by Roland Hulme, a digital Don Draper with a Hemingway Complex. A best selling author of romance adventure novels, we’ll be talking about the writing process, James Bond, the Saint and much more! Connect with Roland Read High Point

Men Writing Romance?

It was a delight to sit down with romance author Roland Hulme and discuss Indiana Jones, Story Structure and of course, Reason and Romance. It was a fun interview and an honor to be on his show.