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With Matt Bird and The Secrets of Character

Suit Up! With Matt Bird on today’s episode of the show! He’s the author of The Secrets of Story and The Secrets of Character, two of the best books on writing I’ve read. In the interview, he’ll be sharing about the secrets to building strong characters, the use of irony in narrative, and why we […]

With Brian Townsley and Starlite Pulp

Brian Townsley from Starlite Pulp joins the show to talk about his book, Trunk Full of Zeroes, the origins of Starlite Pulp and their Review collections, short story writing, and much more! Order the Suit Up Mug! Follow Brian and Starlite!

With Nolan Knight and Gallows Dome

Join our conversation with author Nolan Knight. We’ll be talking noir, short stories and his latest book, Gallows Dome. Follow Nolan!

With Raiders of the Lost Ark and Scott Hebert

We’re covering the big one today, Scott Hebert joins the show to talk Raiders of the Lost Ark, the iconic start to the Indiana Jones Franchise. Is it as good as we remember, is it even better? Get your own Suit Up Mug! Follow Scott!

With Bob Deis and Wyatt Doyle | Men’s Adventure Library

Today we’re joined by Bob Deis and Wyatt Doyle, the co-editors of the Men’s Adventure Library series. We’ll be talking about he rise and fall of the men’s adventure magazine and the work they’ve done to collect and curate the best into the men’s adventure library collection. Watch on YouTube Follow Bob and Wyatt […]

With the Treasure of The Sierra Madre and Emmet Van Driesche | Road to Indy 5

Emmet Van Driesche joins the show again to talk about The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), another of the influences of Indiana Jones and his dad’s favorite movie. We examine the influences of Indiana Jones and the artistry which truly makes this one of the best movies ever made. Follow Emmet!

With JR Sanders and the Nate Ross Novels

Today we’re joined on the show by JR. Sanders, author of the Nate Ross novels and the non-fiction book Some Gave All: Forgotten Old West Lawmen Who Died With Their Boots On. His latest book Bring The Night: A Nate Ross Novel was just released. Together we discuss old west lawmen, the elevolution of the cowboy to private […]

With Gunga Din and Mike Monson

Continuing the Road to Indy 5, we’re talking Gunga Din (1939). Joining us is Mike Monson, editor of Grizzly Pulp. It’s a great episode, talking filmmaking of a past era. Follow Grizzly Pulp

With Skip Heller and The Hollywood Film Noirchestra

Today we are joined by Skip Heller, musician, band leader and singer songwriter. We’ll be talking about his love of books, the noir genre, and the origins of The Hollywood Film Noirchestra and their debut album Dark Passages. Follow Skip