With Zorro Rides Again (1937) and Blake Powers | Road to Indy 5

On the road to Indy 5, we’re watching Zorro Rides Again (1937) and joined by Blake Powers from Bond Life Chicago to breakdown this serial from the 30’s and how its stunt work influenced Indiana Jones. Follow Blake! https://www.instagram.com/bondlifechicago/

With MacKenna’s Gold and Emmet Van Driesche

Today we’re joined on the show by Emmet Van Driesche as we continue down the road to Indy 5 with MacKenna’s Gold. Will film surprise us? Listen to find out! Follow Emmet! https://www.emmetvandriesche.com/

With Blake Powers (BondLifeChicago) and The Anthony Horowitz Bond Trilogy

We are joined on the Podcast today by Blake Powers from Bond Life Chicago. A fellow midwesterner, Blake offers his thoughts on the Anthony Horowitz Bond trilogy. We talk Trigger Mortis, Forever and a Day and With a Mind to Kill. All spoilers, all details, you’ve been warned! Check out Blake’s Work! https://www.instagram.com/bondlifechicago/

With Drew Hannush and Whiskey Lore

Why is whiskey spelled with and without an “e”? Drew Hannush, our guest today, tells us this and more as we discuss the myths, history and lore of whiskey. Drew is the host of the Whiskey Lore Podcasts, and author of a travel guide to Kentucky Bourbon. In addition to talking whiskey, we also touch […]

Becoming a Gentleman Spy | Travis Wesson

Have you ever wanted to be a spy? When we watch James Bond films, it’s easy to want the Double-O lifestyle (minus the torture), but so much of who he is comes from the skills he has. At Gentleman Spy Travis Wesson broke down the essential things for every aspiring Gentleman Spy in training to […]