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With Matt Bauer and The Other Fellow

Suit Up! With Matt Bauer, director of the award winning documentary The Other Fellow. The film tells the story of real life men named James Bond and is available streaming on Tubi, Amazon Prime, Roku, and iTVx. We’ll talk James Bond, documentary filmmaking, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny and more! Follow Matt Bauer! […]

With The Mummy (1999) and Scott Hebert

Join the boys as they discuss The Mummy (1999). Is it the best of the post-Indiana Jones adventure films? Topics include: Daring adventurers, sexy librarians, and the curse of exposition. Follow Scott

With Dial of Destiny and Scott Hebert

We’ve reached the end of the road to Indy 5, today we are joined by Scott Hebert to talk about the Dial of Destiny. Follow Scott!

With Temple of Doom and Roland Hulme

Suit Up! With Temple of Doom, the best prequel ever made. Joining the show is Roland Hulme to share his thoughts and memories of Temple of Doom, and what he’s hoping for from Dial of Destiny. Support the show and get your own Suit Up! Mug Follow Roland!

With Raiders of the Lost Ark and Scott Hebert

We’re covering the big one today, Scott Hebert joins the show to talk Raiders of the Lost Ark, the iconic start to the Indiana Jones Franchise. Is it as good as we remember, is it even better? Get your own Suit Up Mug! Follow Scott!

With the Treasure of The Sierra Madre and Emmet Van Driesche | Road to Indy 5

Emmet Van Driesche joins the show again to talk about The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948), another of the influences of Indiana Jones and his dad’s favorite movie. We examine the influences of Indiana Jones and the artistry which truly makes this one of the best movies ever made. Follow Emmet!

With Gunga Din and Mike Monson

Continuing the Road to Indy 5, we’re talking Gunga Din (1939). Joining us is Mike Monson, editor of Grizzly Pulp. It’s a great episode, talking filmmaking of a past era. Follow Grizzly Pulp

With The Naked Jungle and American Pulps

Matt Pagourgis and John Borges from American Pulps are back to talk The Naked Jungle (1954) and how it inspired elements of Indiana Jones. Follow American Pulps

With Zorro Rides Again (1937) and Blake Powers | Road to Indy 5

On the road to Indy 5, we’re watching Zorro Rides Again (1937) and joined by Blake Powers from Bond Life Chicago to breakdown this serial from the 30’s and how its stunt work influenced Indiana Jones. Follow Blake!