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With Matt Sherman and Bond Events

Suit Up! With Matt Sherman, he’s a James Bond expert who facilitates and organizes Bond events around the globe. We’ll discuss his books on Bond, travel locations every Bond fan should see, how Matt got started organizing these trips and much more! Follow Matt

With Voodoo 5 and Skip Heller

Suit Up! With Voodoo 5 and Skip Heller. Returning to the Podcast, we talk the history and creation of exotica music and how it was made by Hollywood and tourism, his latest album Voodoo 5 and why he chose the songs on the record. This and more in today’s episode with Skip Heller. Follow Skip […]

With Ice Station Zebra and Steven Hartov

Suit Up! With Ice Station Zebra and author Steven Hartov. We discuss the carrer of Alistair MacLean, writing ensambles, life experience in story, and the escalation of danger in MacLean’s writing. You don’t want to miss this one! Follow Steven

With The Goonies and American Pulps

Suit Up! With The Goonies, we revisit this nostalgic childhood film with Matt Pagorgis and John Borges from American Pulps! Does it hold up? We talk the fun, and story structure, editing and more! You won’t want to miss this episode. Follow American Pulps

With Brian Nelson and The Great Unmaking

Suit Up! With Brian Nelson, author the Course of Empire Trilogy. We’ll be discussing the final installment, The Great Unmaking along with Connan the Barbarian, world building for fantasy and science fiction, and much more! Follow Brian

With Gary Phillips and The Unvarnished

Suit Up! With Gary Phillips, author of The Unvarnished Gary Phillips: A Mondo Pulp Collection, One-Shot Harry, Matthew Henson and the Ice Temple of Harlem among many others, he was also the writer/co-producer of FX’s Snowfall. Today we talk his pulp influences, his short stories, arctic adventurers and much more! Follow Gary

With Phillip Thompson and Not Dead Enough

Suit Up with Phillip Thompson, best selling of author of the Colt Harper series. We talk about the latest instalment, Not Dead Enough, along with his favorite James Bond stories, John D. MacDonald, the nuances of writing characters, and much more. Follow Phillip

With Jim Beard and Sgt. Janus

On the show we’re joined by Jim Beard, a prolific writer who brings pulp style to new stories. He’s the mind behind Sgt. Janus, the founder of Becky Books and co-founder and editor of Flinch! Books. Today we talk about his own stories, along with Ian Fleming and Godzilla, Ultraman and more! Follow Jim! Flinch […]

With Charles Ardai and the 20th Anniversary of Hard Case Crime

Charles Ardai, Edgar Award winning author and editor of Hard Case Crime, returns to the show! We talk about the upcoming titles for the 20th Anniversary year of Hard Case Crime, Charles’ short story collection Death Comes Too Late, comic books, movie tie-ins and much more! Follow Charles and Hard Case Crime

With The Best Books of 2023 and Scott Hebert

The final episode of 2023, join the boys in their conversation about the best books of 2023 from their annual reading. Check out Scott’s website and livestreams! Check out Starlite Review #3