About Me
What do you look for when you read an "About" page? A brief biography of the company or individual in question, or justification for continuing to read the silly blog?
This website is to serve as a homepage for Terrance Layhew and the feverish results of his overactive mind. Articles published will revolve around the topics that fascinate him most, narrative analysis of literature and film (his best subject in school) and agrarian application of philosophy.
Terrance's first literary endeavor was a tasteful piece written in crayon entitled, Godzilla vs. Monster Zero 2. And while the film studios rejected the screenplay he still insists they utilitzed his ideas in the following films where the monsters fought. To date no lawsuits have been made.

Since then Terrance has been published on Medium, GoodGuySwag with most of his focus on The Intellectual Agrarian a Podcast he started in 2016 to illustrate that farmers are more than rubes and rednecks.
Growing up on a farm, Terrance was surprised to find that while he was less than ideal for raising crops or livestock, he had a knack for paperwork becoming an Organic Inspector in 2016 and offers Consulting Services for farms seeking Certification.